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September 18, 2009


Talon Deatrick

It looks a little cluttery to me. But I see your dilemma. If it's out, you'll probably use it more..........out of sight, out of mind, ya know? Perhaps you could move it somewhere else? It looks like it's sandwiched between to big pieces of furniture, which may may it look cluttery. Another option is to just put Halloween, fall stuff on it for now, since that is the upcoming holiday. You could put less on it and rotate according to the season. Does that make sense? I will say that looking at it makes me want to come over and craft with you!!!


Those of us who are to remain nameless...LOVE it. Yes, it is a little busy, but I know you will definately use the majority of the items on that carousel in the next month or so. If it is out there you will use it.....if you don't, the girls and I can shop off of it =)!

michelle d

leave it-clutter in my scrapbook room is it's middle name-love it!!! love how it looks seasonal. you scare me :-0)
still have not unpacked boxes-my goal this week

Teishi Kennedy

Oh, give it a month or two and see if you still feel the same way then. But the real subject we should be talking about here is - who has a better stocked scrapbook room than you? I am so jealous. (Okay, more than anything it's that collection of candy corn crystals that is making me jealous. I LOVE candy corn!)

Melissa Sangalang

I think it was on the Karen Russell blog where she had a tour of her craft room. :)


I love it. I don't care for clutter, either...but the more you see your goodies, the more you will use them.

My friends think my scrapbook space looks like a store. I have even had people ask me if I am selling anything...too funny.

If I see it, I use it.

Carol Berry

It's the least cluttered clutter I've ever seen. Love it! But then I'm looking through my particular prism where clutter is not a four-letter word.


I totally agree with Teishi...spread the wealth...pass on the candy corn!!!

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